We will increase the efficiency of accounting and reduce tax risks

Mandatory and proactive audit of activities

Обязательный и инициативный аудит, аудиторская проверка

Initiative audit

This is an opportunity to find out the true information about the state of affairs of the company and get recommendations on how to eliminate deficiencies! Here are a few cases where an audit is initiated by the business owner:
Are you planning to expand your business and inject large funds?
An increase in capacity requires serious expenses, so an express accounting audit will not be superfivous. Specialists must confirm the correctness of documentation and the relevance of investments for you.
Select only the areas you need
For example, tax expertise will reveal the risks and financial reserves of the company, which will save tax costs in the future
Determination of the status of the company in the eyes of the counterparty
Affiliation risk assessment
Risk assessment of field tax audits
Risk assessment by counterparties
Assessment of the tax burden
Analysis of the state of accounting
Analysis of the correctness of the reflection of transactions in the accounts of accounting
Comparison of accounting data with accounting data in the 1C database
Analysis of the correctness of the calculation of taxes and contributions
Tax optimization (formation of different tax burden models)
Assessment of counterparties for due diligence
Assessment of financial risks according to 115-FZ
Our goal is to maximize the benefits of the audit for you, and not just a formal report
The cost of services is fixed in the contract — no hidden surcharges
we know the work of regulatory bodies "from the inside"
Only use
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Years of experience

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For whom is an audit required?

Many companies are required to conduct an annual audit. The full list of conditions is specified in the legislation, but here are the main ones:
Type of ownership
Audit is mandatory for all JSC
Annual revenue of more than 400 million rubles
The amount of assets on the balance sheet is more than 60 million rubles.
Type of activity
Credit, insurance organizations and others.
A mandatory audit of financial statements is a review of the company's documents by an independent auditor or a group of auditors in order to express an opinion on the reliability of calculations. As a result of such an audit, an audit report is compiled, which falls into the Unified Federal Register of Information on the Facts of the Activities of Legal Entities and is one of the criteria for the business reputation of the organization.
Let's tell you the right way
We will help you to see the real situation in the company to start working more efficiently! As a result, you will get:
Audit report
Assessment of the efficiency of economic activity
Identification of threats and a set of preventive measures
Reducing the risks of taxes and finances in general
Risk assessment of further investments for investors
Инициативный аудит
we will estimate the scope
of the check
We will determine the terms and cost
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Mandatory audit from 60,000 rubles

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