Financial support, organization of logistics, legal support

Remote logistician —
international cargo delivery service

Международная доставка грузов
Main directions
We deliver goods from the territory of South-East Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as carry out customs clearance in Russia.

We will select the optimal scheme of cargo transportation
We will pick up the cargo from abroad and deliver it to the recipient
We will undertake the certification of goods
We will carry out customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation
We will take care of your cargo
You don't have to think about its transportation! We arrange delivery from abroad directly to your warehouse in Russia.

Services in the country of departure
Collection of goods from a factory or warehouse
Registration of export and accompanying documents (certificates, including "form A" and others)
Delivery to the seaport, airport, railway station or car
Услуги в стране отправления, забор груза, оформление документации, доставка до места отправления

Financial support in China and Europe:

Transfer of funds under the contract to the accounts of legal entities of suppliers
Opening and maintenance of the transaction passport
Финансовая поддержка на территории Китая и Европы
Delivery of a container or groupage cargo from a loading warehouse (or from the factory) to the final warehouse.

Sea freight from China
Air shipment to Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo
Delivery by road
Транспортировка груза. Морской фрахт, авиа, автомобилем

Services in the country of destination

Forwarding in Moscow and Moscow region
Organization of deliveries to the regions of the Russian Federation
Услуги в стране назначения. Эккспедирование, организация поставок в регионы РФ

Legal support of cargo in Russia

Drawing up a foreign trade contract, consultations on non-tariff regulation measures, assistance in product certification
Customs clearance and transfer of cargo with all necessary documents
The possibility of registration both with our company as an importer with subsequent implementation, and support for your company in import / export transactions
Юридическое сопровождение груза на территории России

Delivery times

No matter how difficult the route may seem, we will deliver your cargo! Terms directly depend on the place of departure and the method of transportation.

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