We strive to reduce the cadastral value by an average of 40-50%!

We challenge the cadastral value in Moscow and the Moscow region

Недвижимость. Оспаривание кадастровой стоимости

Reliable and risk-free

You do not have to worry about your money in the absence of results. If we don't do our job, you won't pay anything. Everything is simple!
Post payment
First, we do our work and only after receiving a court decision with a mark of entry into force, you make a payment
Cost of services - % of your savings
The reward is calculated as a % of your tax and rental savings as a result of our work
Assessing the situation appropriately
Before starting work, we evaluate the prospects for reducing the cadastral value. We do not take on projects that cannot be implemented.

What objects do we work with?

We take on projects of varying complexity. For most objects, it is possible to significantly reduce the cadastral value!

Office building

Trading centers

Land plots

Industrial objects

Warehouse premises

Cottage settlements

Stages of our work

We work transparently and are ready to connect at any stage to help you reduce the cadastral value of an object!
of settlements with the customer and conclusion of the contract
of the amount of reduction in the cadastral value
Assessment and calculation
and documents for consideration by the Rosreestr Commission
Preparation of the assessment report
Defense in court
including ordering an independent examination and collection of evidence (usually required if the amount of the reduction is more than 20%)
we enter a reduced cadastral value into the state real estate cadastre, notify local authorities of a decrease in cadastral value
Reduction in payments
The final stage
we provide you with a positive decision of the commission or court on the approval of the reduced cadastral value, as well as copies of notifications from the authorities about the change in value — you pay us a fee under the contract

Find out the cadastral value of your property using a public cadastral map

Leave your contacts and we will calculate your benefit for free!

We will save you money

We will help you set the cadastral value equal to the market value so that you do not overpay on taxes and rent payments!
We work for results
We take care of everything - from the beginning to the introduction of a reduced cadastral value
We have great experience
Challenging the cadastral value, a high percentage of positive decisions
We connect at any stage
We will help you to bring the business you have started to a positive result
You risk nothing
Payment for our services occurs only upon the fact of a decrease in the cadastral value
You will be aware
We regularly report on the results of each stage, answer your questions
We keep secret received from you information

Is your property overpriced?

We will help you solve this problem, just leave a request
Our contacts
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