Questionnaire for audit evaluation

Please read the questionnaire carefully and try to fill it out as reliably as possible. If you have any difficulties, please call +7 (495) 775-79-72 and we will definitely help you!
Type of taxes
The presence in the accounting of transactions not subject to VAT
The presence of construction and installation operations in the accounting
Does the organization own real estate
Availability of securities transactions
Availability of transactions under credit agreements, loans
Availability of export operations
Availability of import operations
Accounting system
Availability of currency accounts
(in the case of the primary audit for 2016, the reliability of the data in the balance sheet for 2015 and 2014 is checked, in the OFR – data for 2015)
Mandatory or initiative audit
The balance sheet currency is more than 60 million rubles and/or revenue is more than 400 million rubles according to the results of last year – an audit is required. As well as all joint-stock companies, regardless of the indicators.
The ability to work on remote access
We guarantee the confidentiality of the information received
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