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Гуров Александр Геннадьевич — генеральный директор ООО "ТИН"
Hello! My name is Alexander Gurov. I am the CEO of company "Take it NOW"
Everything you may need
We will find solutions to accounting, tax, and legal issues of any complexity for you. Take off this burden and give it to us. We will take care of your affairs!
We will take care of your accounting and help you manage your finances more efficiently
Mandatory and initiative audit of activities - we will increase the efficiency of your accounting and reduce tax risks
Legal solutions for your business - everything you may need from a lawyer today, tomorrow or right now
Remote logistician is an international cargo delivery service. Financial support, organization of logistics, legal support
We will provide tax protection of your business - we will accompany you at any tax control event!
We dispute the cadastral value in Moscow and the Moscow Region and achieve a reduction by an average of 40-50%!
Our liability is insured for 5,000,000 rubles!
Be confident in all internal processes
6 reasons why..
you will be satisfied with our cooperation! Delegate some of the business processes to us to free up your time for more efficient management.
On average, outsourcing is 2.5 times more profitable than a full-time employee
We effectively reduce taxes due to competent audit and financial forecast
Our responsibility for the operations performed is insured for 5,000,000 rubles!
We make pleasant bonuses for both new and regular customers
We are constantly improving our knowledge, acting as experts for entrepreneurs
With us, your business does not depend on vacations, sick days and unstable employees
And we also publish in the media
On a regular basis, we cover important topics of a legal (and not only) nature for entrepreneurs and accountants. Read it, maybe there are already answers to your questions here!
Работать «в тени» в ближайшем будущем не получится.
Персональные данные сотрудников работодатель не имеет право разглашать никому.
Не все затраты предприниматель или организация на УСН могут включить в расходы для уменьшения налоговой базы.
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